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  1. I served in the USMC 1967 to 1968, completing the USMC platoon leaders Class June July 1967 Quantico Virginia. I was disembroiled in 1968, and received an Honorable discharge from the USMC 1968. I completed College Medical School and a Surgical residency. I served in the Naval Reserve 1983 to 1991, and was voluntarily recalled to active duty during Desert Storm. I have a DD 214 from that service, and all documentation from my Vietnam Era Service. What era should I choose when applying for membership in the Legion?

    1. Christopher,
      Glad you reached out to the Post. Sorry for the delayed response.
      I would say it would be your choice as to which era you would like to choose. I’m not sure if we have the option to choose 2 era’s on the paperwork we send to Department Headquarters. You could mark both and choose your preferred. I could then try to put both into the paperwork. If it doesn’t except both, I would then enter your preferred era.
      Welcome to Post 22.
      let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. I just joined the American Legion, filling out the form and sending it to Kansas City. They assigned me membership in post 211, but I live in Northglenn, and was wanting to transfer my membership to Post 22. Please advise steps to be taken

    1. Good evening James,
      Sorry for the late response we have been going through some changes with our website. After some research it doesn’t look like you can change posts online but you can come down to Post 22, 11081 Irma Dr. Northglenn, Co 80233 and fill out a Post change form and get you switched over to Post 22. Usually they assign you to the post closet to the address you had entered well filling out your membership form. sorry for any inconvenience we hope to see you at Post 22.


  3. I have been a member of post 22 for 37 years. This post is fortunate to have had great leadership over the 50 years it has been chartered. Please come and meet our members and join if you qualify. We are having a veteran fundraiser on May 12. We would love to have you come and and enjoy Joes great pulled pork raffles and live music. All proceeds go to helping Veterans. It has been very successful thanks to Laurie and her committee and Bob Berry,s music coordination. Of course there are many many other folks that make it a successful. see you all soon

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